What osteopathy can help treat

Osteopathy can help many acute and chronic conditions, and is suitable for all age groups. This page shows some examples of what osteopathy can help.

Back & neck trouble

Most back and neck pain results from mechanical disturbances of the spine, e.g. from postural strains, joint dysfunction and disc injury.

Problems related to work

Poor working posture can contribute to, and exacerbate, daily aches and pains, whether you lift heavy loads, carry school bags, sit at a computer all day or drive for long periods. Treatment and advice on posture, movement and back care can help prevent on-going problems. Preventative and rehabilitation exercises can also be given.

Chest binder pain

Most pain caused by chest binders, results from mechanical disturbances of the spine and ribs. By limiting movement the binder can cause muscle strains, joint dysfunction and joint restrictions. Osteopathy on such musculoskeletal areas can help improve movement and reduce strain.

Frozen shoulder*/Tennis elbow*

These problems often arise from musculoskeletal conditions of the back and neck, where you may not even be feeling pain, restricted movements can lead to muscle imbalances which may then compress the upper extremity joints.

Accident/injury related back or neck pain

You should always see your GP with regard to recent accident/injury related pain to your neck (whiplash) or back, before booking to see the osteopath. The GP will be able to advise whether your problem is just a musculoskeletal problem which is suitable for osteopathy.

Sports related complaints

Osteopathy is, in many respects, the ideal treatment for sports injuries, as it not only addresses the current injury but also treats the way in which the whole body functions and so prevents the same injury becoming recurrent.


Osteopathic treatment through pregnancy is a wonderfully gentle way of helping the body adapt to the changes taking place. The safety of the mother and baby is the osteopath's first concern. Osteopathy can help ease the side-effects of pregnancy, such as pain in the back, buttock, groin or leg ('sciatica'). After delivery it is advised that the mother return for structural examination, advice and, if necessary, treatment.

Osteopathy is for all the family

"After just one visit to this clinic, my hairdresser told me the next day: 'This is the first time in 25 years of doing your hair that I haven't needed to straighten you up. Your shoulders are level! How did that happen?' I was only too pleased to tell her!" Sue, Felixstowe.